tumblr md0zj0742o1r56bid Liz Goldwyn for Mac

tumblr md0zk11rOI1r56bid Liz Goldwyn for Mac

The beauty brand Mac has partnered with artist and fashion influencer Liz Goldwyn to create makeup bags as part of its holiday collection, Fabulousness

tumblr md0zuorytd1r56bid Liz Goldwyn for Mac

Inspired by Goldwyn’s vintage style and love for lingerie, the range features touches of leopard and lace, drawn from her own collection, on the pastel brush bag, clutch, and hanging bag packed with MAC products galore.

tumblr md0zvvUbo31r56bid Liz Goldwyn for Mac

tumblr md0zwuDoQL1r56bid Liz Goldwyn for Mac

Liz Goldwyn for Mac

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